Administrative Support on the HealthTap Primary Care Team

HealthTap is revolutionizing primary healthcare with a tech-forward approach, providing universal access to quality primary care through an innovative format. Its AI and other features enhance the experience for members and doctors alike, saving both time and costs on both sides.

HealthTap boasts 144,000 doctors and 7.6 million members around the world, providing employers, insurance companies, and health systems with unparalleled satisfaction scores for both members and doctors alike – up to 18 times higher than the healthcare industry average. Not only that, but its user engagement rates exceed 18 times that of its industry peers while satisfaction scores for both are seven or more times better than standalone telehealth solutions.


HealthTap is a national virtual primary care provider, offering quality, affordable care to all Americans. It gives consumers access to their long-term doctor of choice who can address existing conditions, preventive measures, as well as manage and refer members for any new issues that arise.

HealthTap Primary care team physicians come from a variety of practice settings, such as private practice, health maintenance organizations and premier academic institutions like Harvard Medical School or Stanford Medicine. All are friendly, compassionate and passionate about helping people.

They offer a range of services, such as assessing your general health and offering advice on diet and exercise; in addition to diagnosing and treating any conditions you may have. Furthermore, they write prescriptions for certain medications which can be sent directly to either a local pharmacy or your home.


HealthTap provides accessible on-demand virtual primary care to anyone, anytime. Their proprietary technology matches patients with U.S. board-certified Online doctor for immediate and ongoing support in real time and at scale.

They offer care for acute medical emergencies with wait times as quick as one minute, and also assist members in managing their chronic medical conditions.

Our nurses are an essential element of our team and collaborate closely with our medical group. They are compassionate, friendly and knowledgeable about primary care practices.

Our nurses on our HealthTap Primary care team are responsible for coordinating patient and doctor care between visits. Additionally, they answer queries and assist patients in making informed decisions regarding their healthcare.

Nurses on the HealthTap Primary care team are an integral part of providing our patients with high-quality, compassionate, and convenient video visits. They are friendly and passionate about helping people.

Patient Care Coordinators

Patient care coordinators help patients navigate the healthcare system and coordinate their care. They work in hospitals and ambulatory care settings, but they can also work for community organizations or in their own businesses.

The American Medical Association notes that patient care coordinators provide patients with education and guidance on health issues, diagnoses, and treatments. They may also assist patients with transportation or housing assistance.

Often, these individuals have a bachelor’s degree in social work or public health and experience working with vulnerable populations. They also need to have a background in navigating healthcare systems and an understanding of medical terminology.

The HealthTap Primary care team includes patient care coordinators who are experienced in coordinating care in a primary care clinic (virtual clinic experience is a plus). They handle private messages from patients and follow up on their care protocols or as requested by their doctors. They also keep records, visit summaries, and prescriptions organized in one place.

Administrative Support

The Administrative Support team on the HealthTap Primary care team provides assistance with all aspects of operations at HealthTap, such as scheduling meetings, creating documents and maintaining data. Furthermore, they take care of office supplies and answering phone calls timechi.

They provide administrative support to the doctors and nurses on the Primary care team. This includes helping with patient check-ins, referring them for in-person care, as well as conducting follow-ups with those referred.

Assure each patient receives the appropriate treatment and follow-ups as prescribed by their doctor. Assist with medication management and reminders as necessary, filling out work/school excuse forms when required, and writing SOAP notes (careful medical notes) after each video visit

HealthTap boasts over 90,000 doctors across 147 specialties who have all undergone a rigorous verification process and been board-certified apsession.

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