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Lida Woodworking Machine Price in Kenya

One of the most popular brands of woodworking machines is LIDA. Its price ranges from Kshs. 125,000/= to Kshs. 150,00/= depending on the machine’s functionality and specifications. The LIDA woodworking machine price in Kenya can vary a great deal based on the specifications and functionality. Here are some of the key factors to consider when comparing Lida woodworking machine prices in Kenya.

Firstly, the Lida woodworking machine is extremely versatile and can perform 11 different woodworking functions. These include sawing, planing, grinding, tenoning, mortising, thicknessing, and sharpening. The machine also has a high level of versatility, making it perfect for beginners or experienced users. Secondly, a Lida woodworking machine is extremely efficient, requiring little maintenance and occupying more space than a handheld tool.

Lastly, the Lida woodworking machine can be easily used for home use. The thickening system makes it easy to work with, and its clear hatch marks make it easy to operate. For many users, this machine is an absolute dream. And at a price that won’t break the bank, it is an excellent investment. While Lida’s woodworking machine price in Kenya is competitive, it’s worth considering whether you’d like to invest in one before the next sale.

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