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What Does Soup Symbolize in Night?

In Night, Elie Wiesel uses many symbols to illustrate his themes. While there are many other symbols in the novel, fire, tears, and soup are used more frequently than most. This article will examine each of them. You’ll learn how they are used to convey a variety of emotions. What does soup symbolize in night? Here are some common examples. But do you know what soup means to Elie Wiesel? You may be surprised.

The story opens with Eliezer’s arrival in Auschwitz, where he is separated from his family. He watches as a truck drops living children into a fire-filled ditch. He then runs into an electrified wire fence. Ultimately, he runs out of the camp, dying on the spot. In Night, this moment of rejection is the key to understanding the meaning of soup. It serves as a metaphor for the repression and violence that happen when our precious illusions are shattered.

A key part of Night is the story of Eliezer’s life, the narrator. His goal in the novel is to understand Judaism, and he befriends a young foreign Jew named Moshe the Beadle, who is deported from Sighet. Moshe returns to Sighet several months later, but the villagers don’t believe him. In spite of the fact that Moshe’s story is true, he is treated like a madman by his fellow Jews.

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